vegan plant based nutrition benefits

There are several benefits of being vegan, however, before you start following a vegan or plant-based diet, you need to know what it is and what it consists of.

First, let’s introduce a plant-based diet to you. A plant-based diet is any diet that consists of food items that primarily come from plants. Now, it does not mean that the only items you can consume are fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet can include seeds, nuts, whole grains, legumes and healthy oils.

Many of us are aware about the health benefits of a vegan or plant-based diet, but do you know what your shopping list will look like once you start following a plant-based diet?

  • Here is how your plant-based diet shopping list looks like:
  • Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables, carrots, peppers, asparagus
  • Fruits: Citrus fruits, berries, pineapples
  • Fats: Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil
  • Whole grains: quinoa, oats, barley, brown rice
  • Nuts and legumes: almonds, lentils, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, peanuts
  • Protein: tofu, tempeh, vegan supplements

The above list gives you an idea of the type of products that you will be consuming on a daily basis. If you can incorporate all of them somewhere in your diet, then you will be able to reap the maximum benefits of plant-based nutrition.

But one thing which we not very commonly use is the variety of herbs. There are different Ayurveda herbs which makes our body better by helping in different functions of our body.

What are the Benefits of Being a Vegan?

A plant-based diet comes with numerous health benefits. The fact that green vegetables are good for health is already an established fact. Following a diet that consists of these products has several health benefits. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition Diets 

  1. Lower risk of cancer: One of the primary health benefits of a vegan diet is that it significantly reduces the risk of cancer or any chronic disease. Several studies have been conducted which have proven the existence of this benefit.
  2. Weight management: When you start following a vegan diet, you will realise that staying within calorie restrictions are much simpler. Considering you can eat a higher volume yet not consume extra calories is one of the true benefits of plant based nutrition diets.
  3. Better digestive system: Consuming vegan plant-based diet benefits strengthens your digestive system. The consumption of natural fibre from the plants fulfills the body’s requirement of adequate fibre intake to have a much healthier digestive system.

Differences Between a Plant-Based Diet and Meat-Based Diet

However, while there are several benefits of being a vegan, you need to know the differences between a plant-based diet and a meat-based diet before changing your eating habits.

Protein sources

When you follow a meat-based diet, you have several sources of protein. But, in plant-based diets the protein sources are limited.

In this case, to reap the maximum health benefits of a vegan diet is to ensure you hit your protein goals. This can be done by consuming plant-based protein supplements and plant-based greens, superfoods and Ayurveda herb supplements for a healthy body, immunity stronger muscles, hair and nail along with fulfilling the nutrient requirements of the whole body.

Vegan Greens focuses on plant-based protein supplements made from green superfoods and Ayurveda herbs.  

Eating flexibility

Another benefits of plant-based nutrition diet is the flexibility to eat more than what is on your diet.

This is because of the lower calories you consume from plants as compared to the higher number of calories you consume from meat. Meat is a significant source of fat too.

Therefore, you can consume a larger portion of pant-based food items when you are following a vegan diet.

Eating out options

One particular downside of following a plant-based diet is sticking to a limited number of items on the menu when opting to eat out.

However, if you change your point of view then limited options on the menu might result in you trying new recipes at home and staying healthy.

So, before you start the journey of following a vegan diet, scout the Internet for some recipes.

Eating enough fat

If you want to gain the true health benefits of a vegan diet, then you need to understand the importance of fats. You must incorporate enough fat in your diet regardless of what the goal is.

When you start any fitness or bodybuilding journey, you need a sufficient amount of food that takes you to a calorie surplus. Hence, the ideal point to begin is first reaching the surplus before tracking your macronutrients.

Drink fluids

You will never be able to increase weight loss, increase metabolism, build muscles or add muscle mass if you do not drink sufficient fluids. You can start by adding more water to your diet and then move on to other fluids.

If you want to drink milk, the ones that are vegan friendly are the ones that have a soy base. This is a good time to point out that one of the true benefits of plant-based nutrition diets is that there is an alternative for almost everything.

Does Vegan Plant-Based Diet Benefit Muscle Repair or Muscle Mass Gain?

Protein is essential when it comes to muscle repair and gain. Considering protein sources are limited, one of the primary concerns about vegan plant-based diet is if it will able help in muscle repair and adding muscle mass or muscle strength.

The answer is ‘Yes’. A vegan plant-based diet can fulfill all the protein requirements of a body if we focus on including legumes, nuts, seeds and tofu in the diet.

A point to note at the end is that before you begin any diet, the first step is to educate yourself about every aspect of the diet. If you want to follow a vegan plant-based diet, you need to absolutely make sure you understand the commitment you’re about to make.

High protein plant-based foods and supplements

Another one of the vegan plant based benefits on health is that you have high quality protein products available.

You do not need to seek out only tofu or legumes for your protein needs, if you have busy schedule or if you cannot meet your daily protein requirement. As per doctor even a sedentary person needs 0.8 gm protein per kg ideal body weight of person and due to busy scheduled or multiple reasons many times we are not able to achieve even 35% of it. .

Product such as Vegan Greens Plant Protein & Herbs can help individuals bring benefits of completing protein diet being vegan.

Your body will require protein, more greens, more herbs for muscles, bones, hair, nails etc. and you can complete daily nutrition from natural plant based products. Vegan plant based diet benefits on health can be achieved using these vegan plant based nutrition product made from superfoods, plants and ayurveda herbs.