How to naturally increase Collagen with Ayurveda herbs and plant based diet

There are various nutrients and minerals that good for our hair, body, nails and overall health. But, one of the most important of all is collagen.

Here we will talk about several things such as the benefits of collagen drinks for skin, collagen supplements, and collagen boosters for skin, hair and nails.. However, before we dive into that, let’s begin with what collagen actually is.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a is the most fruitful protein that you can find in the body. It helps in structuring our skin as well as with blood flow.

Our body’s one-third protein composition is collagen. Furthermore, it is one of the important building blocks of muscles, ligaments, skin, bones and other body organs.

Therefore, whether we talk about the collagen available in the body or collagen boosters for skin, hair and nails, the first thing to know is collagen as a protein is extremely important for the body.

Benefits of Collagen

In this section we will discuss the general benefits of collagen along with benefits of collagen drinks for skin and the benefits of collagen builder powder for skin, hair and nails. 

  1. Improves Skin Health—Collagen is an extremely important component of your skin. It helps a major role in strengthening the elasticity and hydration of your skin. Lack of collagen can make your skin dry and show early signs of wrinkling.
  1. Strengthens Nail and Hair—Collagen helps in strengthening our nails and prevents brittleness. It contributes to making our hair stronger and stimulates hair growth.
  2. Releases Joint Pain—Collagen plays a major role in the cartilage strength. As we grow older, the strength of this tissue reduces. Therefore, ensuring that we consume collagen rich food for skin and muscles can help us massively.
  3. Boosts Muscle Mass—Almost 10% of the muscle tissue is made from collagen. This protein is actually what makes sure the muscles are strong and can function properly. Hence, collagen supplements are actually a huge factor in the health industry. We will discuss collagen supplements later in the article.

Collagen Rich Food

Now that we know the benefits of collagen, let’s discuss collagen rich food for skin, hair, and nails.  

  • Chicken, Fish, Egg Whites—These are some of the richest sources of protein. These food items also have collagen in great amounts.
  • Leafy Greens—Every diet chart puts a significant emphasis on leafy greens. These vegetables get their colour from chlorophyll which is rich in antioxidant properties. These help with fighting free radicals that damage the skin. In fact, leafy greens are one of the best collagen rich food for the skin.
  • Berries, Tropical Fruits, Citrus Fruits—Vitamin C from these fruits aid in the production of collagen in the body. Therefore, it is essential to include a these fruits in your diet.
  • Cashews and Beans—Cashews and beans are rich in elements such as copper and zinc which are known to boost collagen production. Furthermore, they have the essential amino acids mandatory for collagen synthesis.

Unfortunately, as you can see that almost every food that is a booster for collagen comes with a significant amount of calories. You do not want to consume an item that will end up in taking you into a calorie surplus or calorie deficit that is not a part of your diet plan.

Collagen Supplements Benefits for Skin, Nail and Hair

In such cases, the best way forward is to consume collagen supplements products for skin, nail and hair. Hence, next we will discuss the benefits and uses of collagen supplements.

Natural collagen products benefit the body in the same way as natural collagen-rich food. 

Anti-Aging Collagen Food Items and Herbs for Skin

We have already discussed the various food items that essentially help with collagen in the body. However, there are several spices and Ayurveda Herbs which can help with collagen  boosting.

The following are the plant-based greens and herbs and some of the benefits of collagen builder powder for skin, hair and nails.

Pomegranate Powder

Pomegranate has been deemed as a superfood in recent years. This fruit has the power to improve your overall health.

When we say overall health, we want you to focus on the fact that most of the benefits of pomegranate can be evidently seen on our skin. Now, this fruit has the power to have anti-aging effects on our skin.

This is because the fruit or any form of it (gel, cream, powder) helps in increasing the cell regeneration. This helps the skin fight off old cells and let the new ones take over.

Strawberry Powder

Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C. We have already discussed how vitamin C can help with fighting free radicals and helps in boosting collagen in our body.

Additionally, the folic acid present in strawberries help in the regeneration and production of new cells.

Finally, strawberries have antioxidant ellagic acid. This actually helps with preventing collagen destruction. As a result, your skin becomes much better and does not wrinkle.

Lemon Powder

Lemon powder comes with several interesting benefits. First, it helps in cleaning and polishing the skin making it healthier.

Next, lemon powders are the most used products to make the skin healthier and give it the ravishing glow.

Ayurveda Herbs and Collagen

Now, we discussed some of the foods that help with boosting collagen in the body. Next, let’s discuss the herbs and spices that have been known to boost collagen.


Basil or basil powder is actually one of the best plant-based collagen powder for skin. This helps in fighting the signs of aging, retaining hydration and moisture.


Amla is another source of vitamin C and antioxidants and can be regarded as an anti-aging collagen food and herb for the skin.

The reason why it can be termed as both food and herb is because Amla can be found in both forms. You can purchase it as a food item or in the powder form.


Turmeric or turmeric powder is nothing short of one of the most important anti-aging collagen foods and herbs for the skin.

Whether you like to do a nightly skin care routine or want to build and boost your immunity,  turmeric is found in almost all the health products.

It has the power to fight free radicals, curb inflammation, is antiseptic and anti-bacterial. It also prevents your skin from getting damaged due to the heat and pollution.


This herb is rather famous for its healthy properties of helping the skin and hair grow stronger. If you consume it on a regular basis, you will definitely see a rather glowing and younger effect on your skin.

Are there any Health Supplements in the Market that Boost Collagen?

So now you know about what collagen is, the benefits, collagen-rich food for skin, some of the best plant-based collagen powder for skin, hair, and nails.

Now, the question is if you are strongly invested in taking different health products, should you be taking another product that boosts collagen? Keep in mind that collagen is type of protein element.

In this situation, the best option is to go for a supplement which is plant-based and has Ayurveda herbs and contain collagen booster for skin, hair, and nails. Our best recommendation is to choose the brand—Vegan Greens Collagen builder from plants with Ayurveda herbs.

Why Should You Choose Vegan Greens Supplements?

First, Vegan Greens use all the anti-aging collagen foods and herbs for skin, hair, and nails that we discussed earlier in their supplements.

On top of that, Vegan Greens (as the name suggests), makes products that are suitable for anyone following a vegan diet. Therefore, not only do their products have superfoods but also ancient Ayurveda herbs that make it one of the best plant-based collagen powder for skin, hair, and nails.

Furthermore, Vegan Greens products are not made from only one type of vegan ingredient. You will find product made over several plant-based ingredients and each of these can be certified to make a product that show benefits of collagen-builder powder for skin, hair and nails.

Final Words

You need to understand how important collagen truly is for your skin, hair and nails. It’s absolutely mandatory to have sufficient supply of collagen to make your body as healthy as possible.

Hence, you can have food items in your diet that work as collagen booster for skin, hair, and nails which is usually tough in today’s lifestyle. Or you can take natural plant-based product like Vegan Greens Natural Collagen Builder to achieve the same results for skin, hair and nails

Lastly, collagen supplements for skin benefits will work better if you have a healthy lifestyle coupled it with some exercise, adequate sleep, adequate water intake and an overall healthy diet.