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Men Clean Plant Protein With Ayurvedic Herbs [Added Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs For Lean Muscle Growth, Stamina, Metabolism, Immunity, Stress Relief]

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Flavor: Chocolate Delight

  • Chocolate Delight

Size: 500g

  • 500g
  • 1kg (2 X 500g)
Rs. 1,569 Rs. 1,249
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Plant Protein with Herbs Specially Designed For Men Focusing on 10 Core Health Areas

23gm Clean Plant Protein including 20 Amino Acids, 5.5g BCAA’s, 25 Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs & Multi Vitamins.

Men Heath Areas Product Focuses On

Why you need this product & Benefits that makes it super special

Specially Designed For Men Needs

Plant Based With 25 Ancient Ayurveda Herbs & 20 Amino Acids

This product is specifically designed for men keeping in mind men needs for everyday fitness, muscle growth & wellbeing. As age grows the need of this nutrition increases, or nutrition requirement increases as per the intensity of fitness goals.

100% Clean Plant Protein (23g)

For Muscle Repair & Lean Muscle Mass Growth - [Pea Protein & Brown Rice Protein & Mung Bean Protein].

Contains Clean 100% Plant Based Protein to help you repair and grow stronger lean muscles. Reduces muscle pain and muscle soreness. High protein diet also helps to reduce overall fat percentage in body.

Metabolism Herbs Blend

To Help Increase Metabolism- (Guduchi, Green Tea, Cinnamon).

Contains metabolism blend Ingredients which helps to increase metabolism. Good metabolism helps to burn more calories and help keep body toned.

Advance Recovery Blend

For Post Workout Recovery & Better Workout Performance – (5.5g Bcaa’s, Maca, Wheat Grass, Moringa)

Recovery blend is combination ingredients designed to help increase better post workout recovery. Better recovery helps to perform better in next workout session and helps to achieve better fitness goals.

Energy, Strength Boost & Stress Relief Blend

Helps To Increase Energy, boost muscle strength & Gives Stress Relief- [Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Safed musali].

Combination of these special herbs Ginseng & Safed Musali helps to increase overall energy & muscle strength in body. Ashwagandha & Brahmi is known to help bring calmness and relief from day today stress.

Antioxidants & Immunity Herbs Blend

For Immune System Health, Protection from Free Radicals & Reduce Oxidative Stress– [Amalika, Curcumin, Tulsi].

Herbs to help boost your immunity, fight against free radicals which damages cells & create oxidative stress. Healthy immunity & good antioxidants helps to fight again many common infections.

Skin, Hair & Nails Health Blend

For Strong Hair, Healthy Skin & Healthy Nails- [Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Iron]

This product contains blend of everyday Vitamins & Minerals nutrition which focuses on better quality of hair, skin & nails.

Healthy Digestive Blend

For Better Product Digestion - [Wheat Grass, Papain, Bromelain]

Natural plant based papain & bromelain help in better digestion of this product. Wheatgrass brings detox effect which cleans your intestines and helps to experience less gas, bloating, or abdominal discomfort.

Complete 9 Essential Amino Acids

To help muscle retain from wasting.

Contains all essential amino acids required for your body to retain muscle from wasting. Essential amino’s cannot be synthesized from our body and have to be taken from external food nutrition source.

All Natural, 100% Vegan & Plant Based. No Dairy Ingredients

100% Plant Based, Made Naturally For Healthier Lifestyle.

Products is made from ingredients which are from plants source and no dairy or animal based ingredients are added. It’s blend made with the love of our nature. It’s Gluten-free, Soy Free, non-GMO, with no artificial sweetener, and no added sugar.

*Results of this product may vary as per individual's diet and workout.

How to Use
    • Mix ½ -1 scoop in 200ml water in a shaker bottle or blender.

    • Shake or blend it for 15-20 seconds. Enjoy your drink.

(In this high protein drink with herbs, you can always increase or decrease water as per your taste in this).

When to use

You can use it as per requirement but we recommend using during breakfast or using Post Workout for better recovery.

Purity of Clean Nutrition Makes It Best

Soy Free

No Sugar

Gluten Free

Preservative Free

No Artificial Flavor

No Artificial Sweetener

What Makes It Different
  • Specially designed for Men.
  • Made with Natural Plants & Herbs.
  • Contains 23g protein. 100% From Plants Protein.
  • No Added Sugar.
  • Almost no chances of bloating.
  • Contains Advance Recovery Blend.
  • Contains Energy, Strength & Stress Blend.
  • Contains Herbs for Antioxidants.
  • Contains Immunity Herbs Blend.
  • Contains Special Blend for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails.
  • Added Herbs for better digestion.
  • No Unwanted Excipients.
  • No Artificial Sweetener.
  • May be generic product for everyone.
  • May contain artificial ingredients.
  • May be from artificially processed Proteins (Milk/Whey).
  • May contain sugar.
  • May cause bloating due to added soy or whey.
  • May not give good recovery to body.
  • May not help in energy, strength & stress.
  • May not have antioxidants.
  • May not have Immunity Herbs.
  • May not provide nutrition for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails.
  • May not be easy to digest.
  • May contain un-necessary filler & thickeners.
  • May contain artificial sweetener.
  • Why is the daily intake of good Nutrition important for Men?

    Everyone requires good nutrition. Men have their special needs. In our day to day busy schedule, it gets hard to complete daily required nutrition of Macro, Micros including proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. Not completing require daily nutrition intake over the period may lead to different issues such as low energy, weak muscles, increasing stress, and different unbalanced body functions. So the need to complete daily nutrition becomes very important to have a better healthy life. Vegan Greens Men Plant Protein With Herbs brings a combined big package of nutrition benefits. It contains 100% Clean Plant Protein with 20 amino acids, almost 25 Ayurvedic Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals & a source of antioxidants. These nutrition ingredients combination are essentials for your body and can help you fulfill different daily nutrition needs.

  • Can any men use this product?

    Yes, this product can be used by any men between the age of 16 to 60

  • How to use this product?

    You can use it as per requirement, but we recommend using it during breakfast or using Post Workout for better recovery.

  • How much Protein is there per serving?

    This product contains 23gm Protein made from Plant Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein & Mung Bean Protein. It contains all essential amino acids and essential BCAA’s.

  • What benefits to expect from this product?

    This product is a nutrition product from plants containing protein, herbs, vitamins & minerals. It helps to fulfill the daily required nutrition intake of your body. Results may vary from person to person specially depending on diet, their goal, and intensity of the physical workout as every individual have different body requirements.

  • It is essential to work out while using this product? If in case I don’t work out, can I still get benefits?

    Yes, it’s not essential to work out specially to use this product. Although, we recommend at least 30-40 minutes of physical workout every day to keep your body fit and active.

  • Any side effects of using this product? Or what happens when I stop using this product?

    This product is a natural nutrition product made from plant based ingredients. There are no such issues if you stop using this product. But, it’s just that your body stops getting daily required nutrition that’s it. Generally, if your body doesn’t get balanced every day required nutrition then many common issues may arise. Low energy, weakness, increase of stress and many more such issues are a few of many issues which may arise and these may arise to anyone who doesn’t complete their daily required nutrition diet.

  • What if this product Men Plant Protein with Herbs doesn’t suit my body?

    Generally, this doesn’t happen until and unless you are allergic to any ingredients. For any concerns, you can feel free to reach out to our experts at

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Men Clean Plant Protein With Ayurvedic Herbs [Added Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs For Lean Muscle Growth, Stamina, Metabolism, Immunity, Stress Relief]

Chocolate Delight / 500g
Chocolate Delight / 500g
Rs. 1,569 Rs. 1,249